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We are Launching Soon!

Sign up for our trial plan before the launch.


About w/is

w/is is a tutor matching service targeting students attending international schools. We have gathered excellent tutors from top universities, all international school graduates, to support students improve their grades.


Please click the green button to view an archive of our company's information session.

Trial Plan

Try this plan to experience our service one month before the launch.

About the Plan

We are planning our full launch on May 1st. However, we have prepared a trial plan for students who wish to use this service two months prior to their final exams.

We will provide the same quality of service at a lower price during the period leading up to the launch.


Please fill out the form which is located at the bottom of the page. We will contact you through as soon as possible.


We will set up an interview opportunity at the beginning of April, where we will explain the our trial plan, and the process leading up to the day of the lesson.


The trial plan, regardless of the grade level,

will be available for ¥2,000.

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Sign up here
for our trial plan.

Thank you for your signing up for our trial plan.
We have sent an email to the email address you provided to confirm that your application has been received.


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