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About w/is

w/is is a tutor development and referral service that was established to embody ideals and solve problems actually experienced by the founding members, who are also graduates of domestic international schools.


In the midst of problems such as the lack of places where people can easily consult about the curriculum and not knowing where to ask foundational questions about international schools, w/is arrived at the conclusion:


“We want to act as the "senpai" who can provide the needed support for current international students.”


We have gathered graduates from various international schools in Japan and abroad to impart the knowledge gained through our experience as tutors and share know-hows to survive and succeed in international schools.


In addition, w/is can be used not only by international school students but also by students considering studying abroad or needing support in English. As a good senpai who supports students' school lives, we provide comprehensive support from learning to mental aspects as home tutor services.


Our program utilizes the valuable experiences accumulated by our graduates to not only support students' learning but also provide advice and assistance for their future. We encourage you to use w/is as an opportunity to broaden your learning potential.



Our Knowledge as a Senpai

We carefully select and employ graduates from international schools. As the saying goes, "experience is the best teacher," there is a wealth of advice that can only be conveyed by those who have actually experienced it. From a deep understanding of the school curriculum to the problems that teenage students may face, we impart knowledge from the perspective of Senpais who were recently in the same shoes.


A Personalized Curriculum

Each student attends a different school, takes different classes, and has different personalities. Therefore, we understand that the same teaching method cannot be applied to all. At w/is, we create a curriculum tailored to each individual based on our understanding of the student from the interviews we conduct.


A Unique Teaching Approach

We use the textbooks and notes that our tutors have actually used in their classes to supplement and deepen students' understanding of their subjects. In addition to teaching materials, we provide customized advice and curricula to help students achieve better grades, rather than using the typical teaching methods of traditional cram schools.


Maintaining a Close Relationship

While maintaining the relationship between "tutor" and "student", we utilize our position as university students to build a relationship similar to that of "Senpai" and "Kohai". By striving to build a more equal and intimate relationship with studetns, we can not only improve academic ability but also provide support for mental and physical health outside of class, as well as improve classroom attitude.

Our Mission

The founding members experienced a decrease in the number of teachers and senpais who cared about students during their time at school. 

Thus, we are here to provide "reliable senpais" who can be consulted at any time, not only in terms of academics.

At w/is, our goal is not only to provide support related to academics but also to make each student's school life better. With these principles and thoughts in mind, we conduct consistent organizational activities when creating our services.


Make your student life better with Senpais who stood in the same shoes!

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