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Use our service at a price that suits your child's needs.

Fee Structure

About Fee Structure

w/is charges an hourly lesson fee in addition to the monthly usage fee. Please check the details below before signing a contract.

The trial lesson (1h) is free of charge.

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All prices listed on this page include consumption tax. However, we will charge a transaction tax of 3.5% from the monthly fee and lesson fee. Users who wish to attend classes in person will be charged an additional transportation  fee for the tutors in addition to the above amounts.

Fee Details

About Monthly Usage Fees

This fee is charged only for the month in which tuition is incurred. Please refer to the table below as the fee will vary depending on the number of hours used per month.

All fees include the purchase of teaching materials, curriculum development, and other costs associated with maintaining the system.

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You may use the Basic Plan for up to 6 hours in the first month at the regular price as the first trial sesson is free of charge..

About Lesson Fees

w/is has adopted their original lesson fee system, which allows users to pay instructors the amount they wish to pay. Lesson fees can be changed within the minimum amounts listed below, based on the user's evaluation of the tutor’s attitude, teaching performance, and other criteria.


All amounts listed in the table are fees per hour. You will be asked to select your desired course for the following month at the beginning of the month, and will be billed at a monthly rate based on the course you have chosen.

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