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Commercial Disclosure


Head of Operations




Eiji Kasahara

We will disclose without delay if requested.

TEL: We will disclose without delay if requested.


Displayed per service.

Monthly usage fee :¥10,000~15,000
Tuition fee       :¥2,500~4,000

Consumption tax is displayed separately.

Additional Fees

The following additional fees may be charged upon payment of tuition fees.

Transportation fee   :~¥700*

Payment transfer fee :3.5%

​※Varied depending on the location and tutor.

In the case of online courses, the communication charges for the telecommunications network (including internet connection fees) will be the responsibility of the customer. Please inquire about the fees with your internet service provider or relevant providers you are using.

Accepted Payment Methods

We accept credit card and bank transfer payments.

Payment Period

We will send an invoice on the first business day of the month following service usage.
Please make the payment within the 7th every month.

Service Provision Period

You can use the service after the completion of account set-up.
Students may attend classes from 8:00 to 22:00, regardless of weekdays or holidays.

Cancellation Policy

Cancellation fees will be charged as follows.

On the day   :100% of the lesson fee
The day before  :50% of the lesson fee

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